7 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

7 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable bed bases elevate your sleep experience to a new level. Here at Columbus Mattress Wholesale we offer a wide assortment of adjustable base options that best suit you and your sleeping partners body. Experience how the simple push of a button can improve your lifestyle and health in-store today. Adjustable bases are also referred to as; adjustable beds, lift beds and hospital beds. Below are 7 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base…but there are many more benefits than what is listed!

1. Snore No More!

Breathe with ease while keeping the upper body elevated during sleep. Adjustable bases help those who suffer with snoring, sleep apnea and asthma by removing the pressure from the lungs and keeping air flowing more easily. Most bed bases come with a programmed “anti-snore” button, and our Malouf adjustable bed bases features automatic snore detection! Automatic snore detection is an app feature that automatically adjusts the bed at the first sign of snoring.

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2. Goodbye Heartburn

Sleeping at an incline reduces stress placed on the throat and lessens digestive stress. Issues like heartburn and acid reflux can keep you up at night, but thanks to adjustable bed bases you’ll sleep uninterrupted.

3. Allergy and Vertigo Relief

Elevating the upper body can help ease sinus pressure caused by allergies naturally, allowing for a better nights sleep. This position can also help ease vertigo and the nausea that comes with it.

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4. Reduced Swelling

Pregnant women, athletes and those with health concerns such as diabetes can benefit from elevating their feet and lower body. This customizable bed base option helps to reduce bodily swelling.

5. No More Muscle Aches or Pain

Many adjustable beds include massage and vibration features. These features help stimulate muscles which relives aches and pains allowing for top relaxation. Massage options can vary from head only, foot only, and full body depending on the base that you choose.

If you choose to get a split king adjustable bed base, each base has the ability to offer the same massage option selected or a collection of different (or none) massage selections on each side of the base.

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6. Back Support

Adjustable bed bases allow you to choose a customizable sleeping position that matches the contour of your body, for targeted pressure relief. Customizable positions help those with back pain and chronic illnesses alleviate pain.

7. All Around Body Circulation

Long are the days of waking up with a numb arm or leg! Sleeping in an elevated position helps increase your body’s flow, so you can rest easy all night long. Plus with many bases you can pre-program your favorite positions with the click of a button.

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